Who we are

Taroncha is a young company born with the purpose of providing solutions in the field of POS and packaging.
We seek specialization in those who trust us, and to this end, we offer personalized and quality services for each client.

“Every brief is different … The best way to do our job is to listen to the problems and concerns of our customers and to provide all the ideas and solutions we can think of”
Carlos Diago – Commercial Technical Director

What we do

Our services range from design to manufacturing through all phases of the project. We participate in your idea from whichever point of the process you wish, and we deliver your request in the most competitive terms of the market. We offer a wide range of choices in materials to carry out your project and we are up to date on the innovations in the market: this allows us to surprise you with novelties.

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Displays, banners, exhibitors, floor stands, signalling, packaging, shop windows, showcases, ephemeral furniture, corners, materials for events…

“”Sometimes the first idea is not the best. You have to turn it around over and over, doodle with the pencil … and if it does not convince you, it’s better to throw the paper and start all over again.”
Christina Guldager – Design and Photography Manager

How we do it

Our success is based on communication, collaboration, coordination and know-how.

Taroncha Know how


The origin of our team is in the graphic arts. We have staff with more than 20 years of experience in the design and production of packaging and POS.

Taroncha Colaboración


Taroncha can boast of having agreements with the best manufacturers. Thanks to them we have the most advanced means to be your global provider of POS and packaging solutions.

Taroncha Comunicación


We listen to the ideas of customers and partners, we propose others, and together we get what your product needs to stand out at the point of sale.

Taroncha Calidad


Our main satisfaction is to have happy customers and to do so we take special care in the quality control of all our processes.

“This is a very demanding sector. There’s a lot of information going at a lot of speed. Sometimes there are many processes that intervene in a single job and being a small team we can make everything flow faster”
Alfonso Rengel – Production manager

What we have done

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